Canberra Royal 2014

Bling Du RouetBling stole the show at Canberra on the weekend. He displayed what a champion horse he is. Placing 2nd to Tom Mcdermott and Fernhill Zin Zan on the first day. Bling went on to not only win the section 3 on the second day but also place 2nd in the speed championships. to finish it all of he won the Section 3 Grand Prix on the finial day to be crowned "Most Sucessful Section 3 Horse" and he was also the most sucessful showjumping horse of the show across all sections. Could not be happier with our 6yo stallion! Gullamae was also on form in the Section 2 classes, for an unlucky 4 faults at the last fence on the first day, then placing 4th on the second day in the Section 2, finially again having an unlucky 4 faults in the Grand Prix. Very happy with the way both horses are coming along. 

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