Newsletter September, 2013

This is our first Newsletter since taking ownership of ‘RosthwaiteFarm’ on 2 August, 2013.

In the 6 weeks since moving on to the property a lot of water has passed under the bridge.   It has been a hectic period for James Arkins settling in as our Property Manager. Not only has he done an excellent job taking over from Pamela BIce tending to the existing horse base but he has been very active in building new relationships and broadening the range of services we offer. Working long days he is now tending in excess of 40 horses, doing twice daily feed-ups, exercising horses, weening foals and competing in the odd weekend showjumping event (when he finds the time). Housework is not high on the priority list and has been left to mum whilst dad has been busy tending to some gardening and general maintenance needs in readiness for the onslaught of spring. All our fruit trees are in blossom and the azaleas, daphne and daffodils are in full flower. The gardens are a picture and will be enhanced by the planting of some 400 more hedge trees including Japanese & Korean Box, Red Robin and Leighton Green!!

The current homestead is also receiving a much needed makeover to restore it to its former glory with plans to move on to the old laundry and garage before some much needed upgrading of the old dairy.

Peter Bice’s wise investment in water & irrigation infrastructure has certainly paid dividends and our paddocks are looking a treat at the moment. It is noteworthy that so many visitors comment on the quality and abundance of feed available at “Rosthwaite Farm” which gives us encouragement to the number of horses we can accommodate.

Thank You’s

First up a big ‘thank you’ to the previous owners - Peter & Pamela Bice for leaving us with a fantastic legacy. We wish you well in your own new adventure at nearby Berry. A huge thanks to Ned Calcraft for the help he has provided as a track rider of note in supporting James exercise so many of our horses and to Tony Priestley for his kind client referrals and introducing a number of new horses to the property. It would also be remiss of me not to mention Chris & Cecila Taylor of CCT Accounting & Bookwork who have provided us with some great financial advice through our set up period. Anyone looking for a great bookkeeper we would be more than happy to pass on their details. To James’ sponsors – David & Diana Ritchie, Claude Sebastion Menswear and Edinburgh Horserugs who have all been big supporters of James showjumping pursuits. Finally, to Brett and Rose XXX for supporting James over the past few months accommodating his horses while we waited to move onto “Rosthwaite Farm”.

National Showjumping Championships

Finally, we wish James and Ned all the best next week as they head off to compete at the National Showjumping Championships in Victoria. This will be James’ last year in the ‘Young Rider’ category. To celebrate his departure we will be taking delivery of a new truck this week which will see our 6 horse gooseneck back on the road and ready for serious business. No doubt James was not sorry to see his old Chevvy truck disappear off the scene. Hopefully, we will be receiving any more late night calls advising us that he has broken down on the side of the road at Goulburn, Yass, Gundagai, Willowtree or Gatton.


We will hopefully sort out the initial teething problems and have all our invoices issued electronically within the week of each month-end. August statements are a little behind time – if you can bear with us. Otherwise, you will note our new website which will be our forum for a range of information on a regularly updated basis.

Peter, Michelle & James Arkins

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